'La Belle Intelligence' - the exquisite title was proudly borne by the European Courtesans - some of the most intelligent women of their time. They were an embodiment of both beauty and brains, the ancient dream of the unreachable and unattainable Venus. They were Alpha Females, repositories of feminine wisdom and feminine leadership. They were regarded as 'the power behind the power'; trusted confidants of the kings and leaders of their time.

I am fascinated by the role they played in our history, and I proudly continue their tradition by bringing irresistible feminine power into the modern world. Feminine not feminist.

If you are a woman,  greatest power lies in being an Alpha Female, that mythical, but attainable place where your true power resides. You will learn to purify, cleanse, rejuvenate and find your beauty; to amplify your femininity and cultivate it into a sophisticated vehicle for your true power. You will learn how to hear the voice of your intuition, trust your instincts and act on the frequency of trust. You will become fearlessly vulnerable and authentic in all your relationships. You will be able to build your business empire out of love, creativity and passion, and expand it with grace. You will be challenged to be authentic instead of compliant and vulnerable instead of stoical. I believe this is where your greatest power lies. 

If you are a man, you will earn to understand what being the best lover ever means to your partner. You will learn how women are wired and how to recognize and connect with a real woman in every sense and dimension. You will learn to master your sexual energy, control it and channel it into anything you wish to invent, create and expand in the world. You will awaken with high energy, mental clarity, awareness and vigilance. I will help you to break the chains of porn addiction, overcome fear and get 'off the leash'.  You will be guided into authentic health and fitness. You will get your body back, boost your testosterone without supplements, become even more masculine, wild and undomesticated. You will bend reality to your will. You will be dangerously effective. You will be an Alpha Male. 

Are you ready to access an amazing you by becoming an Alpha?

I am an erotic mystic. A lover of truth. An alchemist of bliss. I will share with you the ancient secrets of Taoist Masters. You deserve thousands of years of research into sexual spirituality, health, wellness, vitality, rejuvenation, personal power and leadership that are at your disposal, but that we have fallen asleep to in the modern era.  

You will learn how to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your former potential self and become ecstatically alive, awake and aware. The resulting passion will manifest in every aspect of your life including your business preparing you to build an empire.

This is my promise to you.

Love & Truth,


La Belle intelligence

Sex is political. Sexually fulfilled people are impossible to manipulate. They are useless to regimes.
— Nityama, Tantric Teacher, Los Angeles, CA