My love affair with fast food is over. I lost 47lbs in just three months. The cravings diminished, and I have adopted a new lifestyle. My energy level and optimism is un-matching. My wife likes me more, and even sex is better! 

Rich Gribbin, Honolulu, HI

“Now, my confidence is through the roof.”

I came to La Belle fed up with all the crap we see in porn and feeling like I wasn't good enough. Guess what... Now, my confidence is through the roof. And the pleasure I get from this can't compare. Grateful for her teachings. Blessings." 

— Jason Koa-Kalani, Kauai, HI

La Belle's coaching program has guided me through a body-mind cleanse. I reconnected with my inner child. It has healed me from a 13,5 cm ovarian cancer." 

Sylvia Ray Arden, Berlin, Germany


“At age 44, I never felt better."

Thank you for your wisdom! I did your program. I cleansed, lost weight, and healed my knee. At age 44, I never felt better. I found a beautiful partner and we just got engaged!! 

— Eva Walesiak, Sydney, Australia

“So grateful!"”

So grateful! Our love life and intimacy is greatly enhanced now. We truly enjoy the connection and the authentic freedom. This is a great gift especially since we've been married for 15 years already and haven't had so much fun." 

Puja & Arun Agrawal, Kauai, HI


“Wow! I feel sexy!!”

I lost 7lbs in seven days, and everybody is telling me I am glowing! I have energy like never and I am not hungry for the food I used to eat before. Also, my skin is clear. What else is possible?" 

Moriah Diamond, Maui, HI

“I feel like I am 25 years old!”

I was a little obese when I started and threatened with heart disease. In just 10 weeks, I lost 30lbs, cravings for meat, and my libido is through the roof. I feel like I am 25 years old!!" 

Bartek Hutyra, San Diego, CA


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