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La Belle Intelligence is a brand name of a Polish investigative journalist (aka. Evita Ramparte), exploring truth about human health, wellness, leadership, brain performance and sexual vitality; a former TV news reporter, bestselling writer, published in Cosmopolitan and Newsweek; a health and wellness expert, and leadership consultant; one of the stars of the movie 'Hungry for Change' and 'Food Heals Nation' Podcast.

For the first half of her life, she was an obese, depressed, sad woman with acne on her face. She was unhappily married and her sexual expression was stifled by the shame and shadow of sexual trauma experienced in childhood. In 2000, she was diagnosed with a ovarian cancer and instead of seeing it as a death sentence, she saw it as an opportunity for transformation. She healed herself naturally by following a detox strict protocol of intermittent fasting, a high carb raw vegan diet and spiritual transformation. She lost 83 lbs in just a few months and became a lingerie/bikini model and wellness guru. She ventured to study Taoist sex secrets, human brain and high performance leadership mindset.

Today, La Belle Intelligence is a Bestselling Author, Public Speaker, and CEO & Founder of Alpha Female™ Magazine, a Digital Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and High Performance Guru. She has been mentored in leadership mindset at Landmark Worldwide™ and by former Navy Seals.

She inspires women to be fearlessly feminine and to see femininity as their strongest asset. She empowers men to be the best lovers and leaders by taking back control over their own sexual energy and becoming #Alpha. 

She is known for promoting fasting, fruit and sexual discipline to achieve high performance in all areas of life. She is a spiritual leader, an alchemist of bliss; an erotic mystic.

Her mission is to remind you who you truly are - a spiritual being, an energy being - with your body being the temple of your soul. Her aim is to elevate the language of sexuality beyond shame and games, restore its sanctity and help you channel sexual energy into your highest creativity and spiritual pursuit.

La Belle Intelligence resides in beautiful Solana Beach, CA. She holds a double MA degree in Comparative Studies of Religion, as well as Journalism and Mass-Communication. Her passion is White Tantra, aka. 'Karezza', and Martial Arts. She is all about natural organic beauty, Taoist philosophy of life and holistic lifestyle.